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Archway School

Transition Challenges

Over the coming weeks you will be able to take part in some Transition Challenges.

Keep checking this page to see each new challenge.

Transition Challenge 2 

2021 is a very important year for Archway School as we celebrate our 60th (Diamond) Anniversary.  You will be part of a special year group, our ‘Diamond Intake’. 

We would like to create a flag to fly on the school premises to celebrate this anniversary and are asking you to help us with the design.  

Use your creative skills and talents to produce a colourful design which reminds everyone of our Diamond celebrations and shows how proud we are to be celebrating 60 years of Archway school. 

Your design can be drawn or painted. When you have completed your entry send it by e-mail to the address: 

If you cannot send an e-mail, you can post your entry to Mrs Durrant at Archway School. 

All entries must be received by 20th April. 

We look forward to seeing your designs! 

Transition Challenge 1

Your first challenge is to complete a quiz about Archway.  All the answers can be found using links from the Year 7 page of the website, so it would be a good idea to read some of the information before you begin the quiz. 

The link will only work after 3.30pm on 9th March and you have 10 days to complete the challenge. Don't forget that when we meet you in July there will be prizes for those who take part in these challenges. We are looking forward to receiving your entries. Good Luck!