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Archway School

Wellbeing Activities

You might want to have a go at some of the challenges below or just do them when you have free lessons.



Day 3

Day 4

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 16

Day 20


Each time you Run, Walk or Cycle log your distance in Km here: Exercise challenge form. We will then collate the totals, and we will see who is winning the race to Nepal. 

There will be individual and tutor prizes, but ultimately who is going to win the race Parents, Staff or Students?? 

Record your exercise here


Can your tutor group be the top readers!!
Log your reading here: Reading challenge form

We will be giving weekly updates on the progress of your tutor group.

Send Photos of you doing any of these challenges or just the view that you have when doing these challenges to

Other activities you might want to do in your ‘free’ time

  1. Wellbeing poster Design – Design a Poster for the website. Showing how you relax.
  2. Write a book review for the last book you read or a book that you read in tutor time last. Maybe write an alternative ending or the start of book two, continuing the story.
  3. Make a model related to a subject in school.
  4. Write a story about the things you will do and the places you will go when this isolation is all over.
  5. Go on and do the quizzes and research and write about a job you are really interested in and why you are interested in it.
  6. Create a fitness programme for someone in your house (or yourself). Using things round the house as part of the fitness activities.
  7. Find a photo of your favourite holiday destination and write about why it is your favourite
  8. Do some gardening and take a photo before and after. Explain what you did.
  9. Help cook a meal. Take a photo of the meal and write instructions on how to make it.
  10. Visit an online museum like the British museum or national history museum. Some other ideas here Write about what you find in these places.